Our extensive capital sourcing services cover the following:

● Strategy Review and Planning Assistance: Evaluation of the projected participation to determine its acceptability by Australian investors and their Asset Advisors. Likewise, we will provide unbiased advice on the appropriate scheme vital to realize the capital sourcing and assure that the objectives of the transaction are optimized, together with selecting the proper marketing approach with the client.

Strategy Review and Planning Assistance

● Documentation Preparation: Guidance in the creation of the package needed to assure the capital is enhanced viable, including the submission to investors, funding scheme, due-diligence program and private-placement agreement.

Documentation Preparation

●Key Decision Marker Support: Determination and liaising with crucial Investor and Asset Advisors/Managers to secure their assistance at the start of the fund-sourcing process.

Key Decision Marker Support

● Placement Service: Coordination and management of meetings and attendance of transactions with investors and their advisors. Likewise, we will meet and discuss with the prospective investors on their due diligence process and final resolution, to achieve proper and prompt feedback.

Placement Service

● Investor Communications: Upon completion of fund sourcing process, the provision of through collaboration with the Asset Advisors and Fund Investors and other essential players in the Australian Wholesale Investment Sector.

Investor Communications

Frank Owens Limited holds a successful track record of sourcing funds for capitalizing businesses from investors in the wholesale sector for global and local non-conventional investment funds. Our current objective include expert world-class finance managers who offer global investment instruments in real estate, currency, private equity, hedge funds and bonds.

Our pledge is to put our investors' interests first at all times. Manage investments with prudence, a long-term perspective, and the goal

of providing returns consistently better than those of competitors. Strive to be the highest-value provider of investment services by offering

outstanding performance and service while keeping costs as low as possible.